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      On the hunting gallery page we have hunting pictures we and some our customers have been a part of.
We at Pocket Predator slingshots DO advocate responsible hunting practices. Shooting with enough power, accuracy and consistency to get the job done humanely is a big part of our hunting philosophy.
If you can cut a playing card from 7 meters fairly consistently, then you're probably shooting with enough power and accuracy to hunt small game. If you are not able to shoot with enough power or accuracy on a consistent basis it is highly recommended that you give hunting a try only after you are capable... otherwise you will not be participating in ethical behavior.

      WARNING, by clicking on the following link, you will see graphic images of animals that have been killed by the humane and ethical use of a slingshot.
To the best of our knowledge every animal was taken with the optimal concern given for a quick and humane kill.

IF images of blood and or dead animals are a concern for you, DO NOT OPEN this link!

CLICK HERE to go to the Hunting pictures gallery


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