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The Hathcock Target Sniper

     This is our most popular production level slingshot model...
With finger grooves for positive and repeatable grip placement and a nice wide and forgiving fork interior... it's designed to be the ultimate side shooter and is the one we recommend for most beginners because it's so easy to use and master... and YES it is named to honor one of the greatest of all Snipers to have ever served in the Marine Corps, Carlos N. Hathcock.

        Ergonomics is a very overused term in design... for slingshots many believe pretty much any canted handle slingshot is "ergonomic". But that is not necessarily the case. For a slingshot to be ergonomic the holding wrist needs to be in a neutral, unstressed position yet at the same time the pull forces on the forks need to be evenly distributed so that the shot itself is symmetrically released for better accuracy.... The design itself should feel comfortable, having no sharp or abrupt edges for your hand or fingers to rest on, and that's what the "HTS" does better than almost anything else!

        These slingshots are made from SOLID ballistic grade Polycarbonate, the same stuff used in bullet proof windows like in the President's limo, but without the glass fill so there's almost zero chance of shatter. This material is quite possibly the ultimate material to make a slingshot from. It's flexible yet extremely strong... it can take fork hits and other forms of abuse better than almost anything else... and it can come in different colors as well. ... while at the same time it's weight provides pretty close to optimal heft and it's inherent rigidity gives a proper feel in the hand that along with the HTS's natural ergonomics makes for a super easy to use and aim slingshot, insuring superior accuracy right out of the box.
Featuring our extremely versatile Universal Forks, you can use flat bands, squares or tubes and shoot through the forks or over the top... and use ammo ranging from marbles to steel bearings to lead balls or even arrows, without any modification or alteration of any sort to the frame!
The Hathcock is offered in Jet Black, Orange, Red or Olive Drab Green. The polycarbonate frame is a touch smaller than the original, being little over a full inch thick X 2.5" between the thumb and forefinger and is very comfortable to grip for most men with hand sizes ranging from a glove size of medium to XXXL. If you can shoot a bow... you can shoot this one!

If you're in the USA it comes to you banded up ready to shoot and includes ammo... if you're overseas, then due to customs concerns, no ammo is included and the slingshot comes with bands but is not prebanded!
Also, because Polycarbonate is inherently shiny, we do offer a more matte finish for hunters as well... (sandblasted with zirconium)

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For extra ammo, bandsets, targets and woven lanyards, visit the accessories page!

      Impact testing a polycarbonate slingshot     

      Lighting a match with the Hathcock Target Sniper!     

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The TAC Hammer

     It seems that most new shooters gravitate towards a Hammer Grip style of slingshot... and there's advantages to a hammer hold, forks can be a little lower for better leverage... Hammer style slingshots fit a greater variety of hand sizes.. and kids just love them!
If hammer grip hold is your style... or if you simply want a REAL ergonomically designed hammer grip slingshot that is specifically engineered to help you shoot more accurately even with heavier bands... then this slingshot is for you!

        As mentioned before, ergonomics is a very overused term in design... seems like everyone and their uncle are pushing how ergonomic their slingshot is... but let me tell you what, THIS slingshot was designed to fit the hand perfectly and to give you an edge in aiming and control..
The slingshot was designed to fit the hand, and then the mold was designed to fit the slingshot instead of the other way around, like everyone else has been doing up until now!

     It seems like just about everybody has a mix of talents and that mix contains different and varying quantities of each thing a person is talented at... In my mix, problem solving is very heavily weighted.
Here was the problem... Custom made slingshots are almost always better feeling and more ergonomical than those that are mass produced... and that's mainly due to limitations in the manufacturing process. But to be fair, the mass produced pieces will always be more uniform from piece to piece... as it's very difficult to reproduce by hand the same exact curves and contours from one piece to the next.

     Manufacturing is chiefly limited because solid one piece slingshots have to be engineered so that they can fit into a two part mold that leaves a flat part line... Look for yourself, EVERY slingshot until right now... if it was made in a mold, it has a flat part line.
In other words, the molding, the making process has a built in limitation that custom makers do not have to contend with.
So I had the thought, "What if I could design a two piece steel mold that allows for solid one piece objects to be made that do NOT have a flat part line"? That way, I wouldn't have to re-engineer the custom slingshot to fit the limitations of the mold... The mold would be re-engineered to fit the slingshot instead! And if I could do THAT, then we could make actual custom quality slingshots but in a more uniform way!

     So I took the TAC Hammer prototype to our 3D engineering firm and also showed it to the mold makers as well... and they of course said it's a "no go" as is and has to be redesigned to fit a mold... So I took some time and came up with an easy, yet completely overlooked solution to the problem... I ended up designing what can basically be described as a "mold within a mold"... and what that basically does is allows for solid one piece cast pieces to have a part line of basically any shape or contour so long as it doesn't exceed a right angle vertically!

     And all of that brings us to the TAC Hammer and it's uniquely designed shape... A shape that allows for a true custom feel, but on a manufactured piece...
The handle/grip on this piece could very well be used to teach a master's class on slingshot grip/handle ergonomics... Rounded on the back to provide the proper amount of cushioning against the weight of the draw... with a rounded edge in front to allow for intuitive, almost instinctual pointing and aiming. Canted just the perfect amount to allow for a stronger more natural straight wrist hold... enlarged slightly in the middle to fill the hollow of the hand... bigger at the top to accommodate your longer fingers, narrower at the bottom so that your shorter pinky and ring fingers can naturally curl and grip over the front acting as a counter balance to pull forces... every part of the hand has a place, is properly accounted for and adds to the slingshot's functionality.


     Then add to all of that, it's made from the highest quality of materials (solid ballistic grade polycarbonate)... This slingshot is exactly like the custom prototype that took about 5 hours to make... except that it's exactly the same from piece to piece, comes in more colors and is far less expensive!

If you're in the USA it comes to you banded up ready to shoot and includes ammo... if you're overseas, then due to customs concerns, no ammo is included and the slingshot comes with bands but is not prebanded!

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The Scorpion

     For quite some time now, I've had a dream of having a true Custom feeling slingshot that fills and fits the hand perfectly, designed for ultimate side shooting accuracy, but not custom made, manufactured instead... so you can take one right out of the retail packaging... go to a tournament and win with it.
And it just so happens, The Scorpion was designed with that goal in mind.
The only problem we faced was it was "impossible" to do... up until now, that is!

     You see, until we were able to solve the whole technological issue of the flat part line thing... this type of slingshot was not able to be made. But on top of that, this particular model had some other issues as well... like where the webbing of the hand contacts the slingshot, that area is to thick for conventional molding methods, cooling rates/ flow problems along with shrinkage and so forth... So our engineers told us to make it hollow there and then come back with a second cast do a fill with either polycarbonate or some other material... just like so many others have done in the past (saves money and time we were told).
Well, I'm not one to quibble where quality is concerned so I told them "NO", we will figure out a solution to make it work... and after some time, I was able to come up with an enhanced radiator/ heat dispensation system for the molds that allows for uniform cooling no matter how thick the piece or area of concern... because of that, and because we simply do not compromise where quality and safety are concerned we were eventually able to make the Scorpion just as I had envisioned!

     Made from solid ballistic grade polycarbonate, with no after fills or other stuff that may interfere with the structural integrity of the final piece... The Scorpion is purpose engineered/designed to be the ultimate side shooting slingshot.
Held something like a hammer grip, but with greatly enhanced web support for the hand, and a pinky hole/ellipse to make sure your grip is exactly repeatable from shot to shot, session to session and month to month... Every part of the palm of the hand can lend support and cushioning to the shot... from the meaty edge of your hand, to the hollow of the palm, to the web area which acts like a fulcrum for the whole slingshot when drawn... Every part contacts and lends support... that means you can have more stability and thus more consistency from shot to shot and so on.

     I can tell you this much... if some crazy law were passed that allows a person to possess only one slingshot... the Scorpion would be my choice... for no other slingshot has ever allowed me to be as consistent and comfortable while shooting... plus it was the first slingshot in the modern era to allow consistent cutting of cards and lighting of matches... as seen on youtube!


With this one you're going to need to choose which hand you hold your slingshot in while shooting... Left hand hold means you hold the slingshot in your left and draw the pouch/bands with your right hand, the last picture from above shows left hand hold...
And of course if you're in the USA it comes to you banded up ready to shoot and includes ammo... if you're overseas, then due to customs concerns, no ammo is included and the slingshot comes with bands but is not prebanded!

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Shiny or Matte

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The Ranger OTT

     Designed for Over The Top shooting (OTT), the Ranger OTT is the most comfortable, the most intuitive slingshot of it's type we've ever held and used.
And a big part of the reason the Ranger OTT is so familiar, so perfect, so intuitive feeling is pretty much every part of this slingshot is taken from many other slingshots in an effort to create the one perfect Over The Top (OTT) shooting slingshot. For example the ellipse shaped pinky hole was taken from the SEAL Sniper... the full over an inch wide, heavy hunting bands sized fork tips taken from the original Scorpion... the wasp waist and shoulders from the Covert Hunter... the lanyard hole size and placement from the Ferret... the interior fork size, shape and finger/thumb inset from the original Ranger.

     Made from solid ballistic grade polycarbonate, the Ranger OTT is far more robust and can take far more abuse than any wood or other polymer based slingshot... and at 5" tall X 4.375" wide X 3/4" thick, it's sized to fit in a back pocket perfectly..
The Ranger OTT is very comfortable to use with either a forefinger and thumb support grip or a thumb wrap around pinch grip... Furthermore it can be comfortably shot in an upright, side or anywhere in between hold position.


     Because the Ranger OTT is made in a standard type mold... one that opens evenly in the middle... and it's not as thick and heavy as most of the other polycarbonate slingshots we make, the cost to produce them is less... and of course we pass it along so the price reflects that as well!

If you're in the USA it comes to you banded up ready to shoot and includes ammo... if you're overseas, then due to customs concerns, no ammo is included and the slingshot comes with bands but is not prebanded!

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The TopShot

     By popular demand we now introduce the TopShot slingshot.
The TopShot was originally designed and made with inconspicuous carry in mind... You see, in the United Kingdom and other European countries, many people carry a small slingshot when they're out on walks, and if they happen to see a pheasant, or some other target of opportunity, that helps to "fill the pot" for dinner... they then take out that slingshot and... well, they put food on the table with it!
In other parts of the world, like Central America for example, the discreet carry slingshot is a staple of self protection against aggressive dogs and other "beasts" who may seek to prey on those who are out and about...

    Measuring just a touch under 5" long X 3 5/8" wide at the forktips and 3/4" thick... the TopShot is definitely a favorite of those who prefer a discreet carry slingshot... Yet, because the forktips on this one are an inch wide, it can still take full hunting strength bands without having to fold them over like you have to do on so many other discreet carry sized frames.
When you first look at the TopShot, you probably notice it's reverse canted grip area with the elliptical pinky hole... that's so the user can immediately deploy and shoot very quickly and accurately with the forks in an upright position... but at the same time, used as a sideshooting OTT slingshot, it's hard to beat the instinctual feel and pointing ability of this frame.


    Historically, this has been our top selling OTT slingshot... and now that we have it made from solid ballistic grade polycarbonate, available in multiple colors and with the option of using either flatbands or tubes just as effectively... It wouldn't surprise us at all if that trend didn't continue!

     Because the TopShot is made in a standard type mold... one that opens evenly in the middle... and it's not as thick and heavy as most of the other polycarbonate slingshots we make, plus we already have a bunch of these sold in advance, the cost to us is a lot less... so of course we pass it along and the price reflects that as well!

If you're in the USA it comes to you banded up ready to shoot and includes ammo... if you're overseas, then due to customs concerns, no ammo is included and the slingshot comes with bands but is not prebanded!

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The S.E.R.E.

     SERE stands for Survive Evade Resistance and Escape... All military pilots and crew who fly over enemy territory are trained in SERE techniques at one of several specialized schools in the United States.

     About 4 years ago we were approached by SERE instructors from the Washington State school about the viability and usefullness of a slingshot in the "ditch bag" that pilots carry with them in the case of having to "punch out" of the cockpit, go down and have to use SERE tactics until being rescued. At first we were not to enthusiast about the idea... Thinking that a small caliber silencer equipped firearm with extra ammo would be a better choice... but after some persuation we did come around to their way of thinking.
So what was needed is a highly versatile slingshot that is extremely easy to use, super intuitive, easy to master... it needs to be able to use many types of elastic, shoot effectively with all kinds of different ammo types and sizes, including arrows... yet it needs to be small and light enough to be included in the "ditch bag" in the first place. Seeing that our existing Hammer Takedown model slingshot with multiple modular fork types already fit most of those requirements, we simply went with a skeletonized and reduced size version of that... Then over the course of several months of trying out various things back and forth... small mods here and there.. The SERE in 6061 aircraft grade aluminum was born. From that strictly utilitarian military version comes the SERE in Polycarbonate!

     The aluminum SERE was a very popular, in demand, slingshot and we're sure the PolyCarbonate model will be even more popular and in demand for some very good reasons. First, PolyCarbonate (PC) itself has some very real advantages over aluminum... Lighter in weight, more easily contoured and rounded for better ergonomics, PC can be injection molded, yet it has very similar impact absorbing characteristics... in fact, PC may actually be better at taking impact abuse than aluminum because it is far less likely to stress fracture from repeated strikes. PLUS, we intentionally designed this slingshot for a ZERO metal or magnetic signature... which means covert carry is not a problem.

     Also, note some of the defining characteristics of this new and improved design... The much deeper and inherently more stable interchangable forks and fork mounting recess.... necessary, we found, because although polycarbonate is very strong it's still not quite as rigid as aircraft grade aluminum. Next look at the fork to handle fastening design... never a worry about vibration induced loosening of the forks, simply due to the double wrap around THROUGH the fork closure system.... plus, if you lose your fork clip while "in the wilds" then it's a simple thing to just push a little stick on and through there instead and the slingshot will function just fine.
Next, the frame's grip is canted forward like a high end target pistol grip... with an enlarged beavertail that allows greater surface area for balancing out the draw forces... after that, the web support area is inletted to allow the "drumstick" part of the thumb muscle to attain a more natural hold position which promotes natural point and shoot accuracy. To the front, the two finger grooves... your two strongest fingers naturally pull the frame deep into your palm and webbing, while the frame's ergonomic tapering allows for the shorter ring finger and pinky to engage and properly balance out the grip for an extremely comfortable and easy to use hold while shooting in any position... forks up, to the side, or anywhere in between. Then on down to the picatinney rail... you can mount a reel for bowfishing, or a flashlight for night hunting... or BOTH if you want to bowfish at night... the rail is just long enough!


          In short every part of this slingshot has been thoroughly tested in a variety of uses and situations... and it's been found to perform above expectations in every way. In fact after we gave away some of the prototypes at tournaments last year... it wasn't to long before some of our competitors announced they were going to come out with their own versions!

The SERE comes with both an Arrow rest fork top and a standard reversible fork for shooting round projectiles either over the top or through the forks... and we also include a couple extra wrap around fork clips, for a total of 3...

     The SERE is able to be made in a standard type mold... one that opens evenly in the middle... it's not as large per piece as most of the other polycarbonate slingshots we make, plus we don't have to split our sales income with anyone else since we, ourselves, did the vast majority of the designing, engineering, testing and "grunt" work starting out in 2010... Which of course means we can bring these out for a lot less than others may be trying to sell similar slingshots!

If you're in the USA it comes to you banded up ready to shoot and includes ammo... if you're overseas, then due to customs concerns, no ammo is included and the slingshot comes with bands but is not prebanded!

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The TTF Sideshooter Series

     Since our introduction of TTF OTF slingshot fork configurations in 2010... the concept has really caught on all over the world and is now quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for attaching bands and tubes there is. TTF stands for "Through the forks" and describes the flight path of the ammo, OTF is "Outside the forks" and that's how the bands are tied so when aiming you have one clean line for easy "point aiming"...
These two slingshots are designed to be shot only in a TTF band or tube configuration, for a safer and more pleasant shooting experience... They are 3/4" thick and have a smaller grip area than the Hathcock Target Sniper, about 2 1/4" between the thumb and forefinger, so they fit a greater variety of hands... From small to extra large pretty much any hand will be able to get a good firm grip on these.
Designed with perfect ergonomics and made from high density polyethylene... HDPE, same as industrial cutting boards but thicker and stronger... The difference between Polycarbonate (PC) and HDPE is HDPE is not as tough, HDPE costs less, HDPE will float on water wheras PC will not, HDPE is a lot easier to work with than PC... But at the same time, HDPE is stronger and far more resilient than almost all wood and wood laminates... in short, these are perfect "take along" slingshots.
Inexpensive and compact, you can stow one in your backpack, a tackle box, or any place that might be convenient for when you need it on the go.

The Sideshooter Standard costs less and is more basic in that you simply tie on the bands... Whereas the Sideshooter Advanced uses the titanium plate system to hold the bands in place. Both shoot exactly the same, the major differences are the advanced is a little easier to change bands on for most people and the standard has a more pocketable width due to not having the attachment hardware sticking out.

For right now, the Advanced will only be in Green and the Standard will be in Red... in time this will change but for right now it will help to speed up the process of making them.

We have a fairly large variety of HDPE slingshots and we do try to make enough in advance to fulfill orders as soon as possible... but sometimes we unexpectedly sell out of one, two or a few designs... When that happens we try to get them made as quickly as we can... but it may take a while because of other types being already ordered ahead... So don't fret if it takes just a little longer to get to you than you might be expecting... it's coming!

Option and price

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Basic Sideshooters

    These are the type of slingshots we usually make for the troops of Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts that order from us.

The Cub and Boy Scout series of slingshots are designed for those who prefer a touch smaller frame, yet still want superior ergonomics and precision accuracy. Made from HDPE and sporting a tool free titanium band attachment system... these are also a good choice for those who find the standard HTS just a touch to big. The Cubscout is 2 1/4" between the thumb and forefinger indentions, and the Boyscout is 2 3/4 between the thumb and forefinger.


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The PFS (Pickle Fork Shooter)

     Pretty much every day we get requests for this particular model/type of slingshot... and as it so happens we managed to get a special deal on getting these cut out by our waterjet guys... so we're passing the savings along to you!
The first thing you should know about this slingshot is, it is NOT a slingshot for beginners but it is a favorite among minimalists.

Made from 1/4" thick 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum these have an incredible strength to weight ratio. Even though it's only 2.5" wide X about 4" tall, it's able to be used by experienced shooters with large hands.
This slingshot does require a special way to shoot it safely and there a numerous videos on youtube that demonstrate that.

The blank model comes to you just like we get it from the waterjet company. Sharp edges make it perfect to finish out yourself if you want to add fuller grips or maybe you might want to get fancy... it's a perfect base to be creative with.

The finished model is cleaned up, then all edges are beveled for comfort and finally bead blast finished to take off the shine and look more attractive. It also comes with a regular bandset and includes ammo for domestic orders.

PFS Options

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The BoyShot

     This is our most popular small slingshot model for people who prefer a very discreet carry slingshot.
Made from 1/4" thick 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum this is a very strong slingshot that is capable of shooting with full size hunting bands yet it can easily disappear in a pocket. Even though it's only 3" wide X about 4.5" tall, it's ergonomics and shape allow even shooters with very large hands to comfortably shoot with it.
This slingshot can be shot equally well in either a side shooting or upright forks hold, so using even large ammo with it is possible and because you have a decent fork gap there's no real need to change your pouch holding style.

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The Micro Ranger

     This is also one of our most popular small slingshot models for people who prefer a very discreet carry slingshot.
This one is similar in shape and size to the BoyShot and it's also made from 1/4" thick 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum. It's also a very strong slingshot that is capable of shooting with full size hunting bands yet it too can easily disappear in a pocket.
It is only 3" wide X about 4" tall... and like the BoyShot, it's ergonomics and shape allow even shooters with very large hands to comfortably shoot with it.... you really should check out the videos below.
This slingshot can be shot equally well in either a side shooting or upright forks hold... it is preferred by many who favor a "PFS" sized slingshot.

BoyShot or MicroRanger
          Both of these models are cut out of 6061 high strength aircraft aircraft aluminum with an abrasive waterjet machine. You can choose either blanks to finish yourself in whatever style you prefer (add grips, decoration etc.) or you can simply get the ready to use models for a little more.
The blanks are just what's pictured... whereas the ready to use model is rounded over, tube holes chamfered, finger and thumb inletted, then fine sanded and bead blasted to take the shine off so that it doesn't alert game. After that it's banded up... ammo is also included with it, so it's ready to go out and shoot as soon as you get it!
Non USA orders usually ship without ammo due to weight and customs concerns.

For extra ammo, bandsets, targets and woven lanyards, visit the accessories page!

    Shooting the BoyShot for an accuracy badge
qualifier on      

Shooting at matches with the Micro Ranger

Custom Slingshots

        Custom slingshots are priced according to the materials and the amount of time it takes to make them. In general terms it takes over twice as long and uses over twice the materials not counting exotics and the like. Because of that, and the fact some people do not follow through with their orders... the minimum price for any custom is $150 USD.
The more complex and time consuming customs will of course cost more.

        Occasionally we do have customs available that others have ordered and haven't followed through on their end of the obligation.... and other times we will sometimes retire an older slingshot that's in perfectly useable condition due to just trying out new but not necessarily better models. In these cases we will put them up for general sale... if you are interested in a custom, or one of our tried and true shot and loved retired models... you might like to contact us at and see what we have available. You will most likely get a better price and not have any wait.
Who knows... You might just get very lucky!

Everything you need to know to get you up and running with your new Pocket Predator!
Obligatory Warning:

Slingshots and slingshot shooting is dangerous. About the safest thing you can do with a slingshot is to leave it unbanded, store it in your closet, occasionally take it out to admire it and then put it back up.
However, if you do decide to actually use your slingshot then following these numbered rules will help to keep you safer, although there is nothing specified or implied that will guarantee you will be safe even if you do follow these rules...

Rule number one, make sure you're an adult or you are using the slingshot only under close adult supervision. All the same safety rules that are commonly associated with the use of a firearm are applicable.

Rule number two, ALWAYS check your band set, pouch and connections to make sure they are all in perfect working order. If there is even the smallest imperfection change out your band set to one that has no cuts, tears, holes or other problems. Then stress check your attachments to make sure there is no slippage or other undesired movement.

Rule number three, ALWAYS wear safety glasses. Slingshots use rubber and or natural latex compounds... Due to naturally occurring variances, there are NO guarantees either specified or implied about how long a band set will last before failure... no one can tell you how long a band set will last before it breaks... and they ALL fail at some point. SO always be safe, if you're going to shoot with a slingshot, wear safety glasses and always check your band sets and attachments before EVERY shot. If it is not perfect, put a new one on.

Rule number four, NEVER aim your slingshot at someone or something that you do not want killed or destroyed. Slingshots are capable of inflicting serious injury or even death with even the "lightest" of band and ammo setups. Treat slingshots the same way you would treat a loaded gun.

Rule number five, before EVERY shot make sure there is no damage to your slingshot itself. If there is any damage including but not limited to: cracks, dents, scrapes, breaks, or any other signs of damage, DO NOT use the slingshot without thorough testing being done by a competent professional first... and even after testing always use the slingshot in a cautious manner.

Rule number six, you are shooting at your own risk. We already recommended the safest course of action is to keep the slingshot on a shelf in your closet and to never use it... if you do decide to shoot even after we recommend differently... then refer to rules number 1 - 5 as reference for a possible safer way to accomplish that.


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