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      Hunting with a slingshot requires far more skill than using a gun or a bow. So to honor the spirit of the hunt, on this page we have a gallery of hunting pictures we and some our customers have been a part of.
We at Pocket Predator slingshots DO advocate responsible hunting practices. Shooting with enough power, accuracy and consistency to get the job done humanely is a big part of our hunting philosophy.
For example, a good example of accuracy and power is if you can cut a playing card from 7 meters fairly consistently, then you're probably shooting with enough power and accuracy to hunt small game. Other tests such as shooting at marbles or other small targets like bottle caps are also ways to test your accuracy... generally speaking, the minimum requirement should be that you're able to score 80% hits on a 2.5" target from the distance you will be hunting from, then you're probably good to go for hunting.
If you are not able to shoot with enough power or accuracy on a consistent basis it is highly recommended that you give hunting a try only after you are capable... otherwise you will not be participating in ethical behavior.

   We strive to make and provide the absolute best hunting slingshots in the world and we're not ashamed to post the hunting successes of our customers. If you would like to have your hunting prowess displayed on this page simply email us at and include a picture of your success and we'll put it up for you... Again, please be sure you are truly proficient before hunting, it's just the right thing to do!

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