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          The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes only one record set using a slingshot, and that is "most soda cans hit in a minute from 10 meters"... But we all know there are in fact many many more records than just that.
Due to the Worldwide popularity of slingshots and the fact that there are far more slingshots than there are guns in existence... guns are even outlawed in some countries whereas slingshots are far less regulated... yet there's numerous records for guns... so we decided to even the score somewhat.

On this page we will list the World Slingshot Records as we know them.
All records are distance and time verified... and every effort is made to make sure each is valid at the time of posting it.

If you would like to submit a record for consideration please contact PocketPredator@aol.com via email... and we will give close consideration and scrutiny to what you provide. If the record is deemed to be unique and verifiable, then we will list it along with it's video proof.

To be considered you must present an uncut, unedited video with some sort of proof showing in the frame that there was no creative editing involved in accomplishing the feat you wish to present. Proof of authenticity will be completely up to our discretion, submission of what seems to be a record is not an automatic entry... also keep in mind things like "who did what first" are quite often close to impossible to verify so we'll only consider records that are more, or faster, or stronger, not merely firsts... otherwise we will do what we can within our power to authenticate submissions and then add them to the list of record holders below.

         Most matches hit in a minute from 10 meters

One of the hardest feats possible with a Slingshot... Combining extreme precision shooting with incredible consistency and shooting at a fairly fast rate of fire... This is most matches hit or lit in a minute from 10 meters away:

THE Pocket Predator Champion of Champions, Treefork (he wishes to remain anonymous) hits 8 matches in under a minute and even gets one to light up.
One of the most incredible feats ever done with a slingshot or any other projectile weapon for that matter.

          Most soda cans hit in one minute from 10 meters

This is the Guinness Book of World Records, record:

There are a lot of requirements to be met to get an official Guinness Book of World Records record... like you have to do it in a public place, have several witnesses, at least two timekeepers and so forth... so it's great that Mike went through all the hurdles and got it done... But for our "unofficial according to Guinness" records on this website we will accept those which are obviously unedited and easily verified by what is shown and how it's shown.

          Furthest match light with a slingshot

In this video Bill Hays is able to get a clean light up at over 100 feet away

          The fastest shots done with a slingshot

In this video Mike Meuli shoots 518.6 FPS with heated bands:

It should also be mentioned that Torsten from Germany
has achieved 451 FPS with unheated bands,
honorable mention status is deserved:

The fastest tubes were measured at 419.5 fps,
psuedo tapered 1745 sized Chinese tubes
shot albatross style by Bill Hays:

          The most powerful handheld slingshot

In this video Jorg Sprave is able to get 135 Joules (about 100 foot pounds energy FPE) using an extended draw slingshot shooting a one inch diameter steel ball at 206 feet per second:

          The most consecutive card face hits from 10 meters

In this video Treefork gets 46 from 10 meters... and it is likely he could have gone even higher but his bandset was about to break:

          The farthest complete cut on a suspended card

In this video Bill Hays cuts a freehanging card all the way through (side to side) from over 130 feet away:

          The farthest distance to hit a soda can

In this video Bill Hays shoots a soda can all the way through (side to side) from over 400 feet away:

Honorable mention goes to Torsten from Germany who has also shot targets from great distances as well,
but the distances could not be verified and the video was edited to save on viewing time.

          Most threads cut in a minute from 10 meters

Treefork cuts 4 in a minute:

Charles Morgan from Canada cuts 4 in a minute: