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          Pocket Predator slingshots are THE next generation in adult level slingshots.

      Our design philosophy is very simple. We believe slingshots are much like other projectile weapons... Purpose made TOOLS designed and created to accurately and effectively send a projectile to it's intended target.
Every part of the design should lend itself to the usefullness and function of the desired intent and anything extra added will tend to take away and become a distraction for the shooter.

In other words, we make slingshots for real world shooters... Proper hand filling surface areas, comfortable to shoot for extended practice sessions, easy to aim for super accuracy and consistency when cutting cards or lighting matches, or if you simply want the best while shooting at the odd soda can, leaf or tree stump...
Pocket Predator slingshots are all about Organic Ergonomics, curves, and rounded radiuses... with no distracting sharp edges or unnecessary decoration to take away from pure function.

Made from space age materials... far stronger and more robust than most think necessary... designed by, and with the close personal input of some of the world's most successful competitive slingshot shooters to have the best handling and functionality characteristics possible... no distracting frills or silly decorations added to attract and sell to the uninitiated...
It is no wonder that Pocket Predator Slingshots, designs, innovations and shooting concepts are favored among the World's most elite tournament competitors, hunters and just plain ole every day shooters!


Click on the pictures above to go to the slingshots we have available right now!

      The power, speed, strength and precision of an adult level Pocket Predator slingshot is unparalleled... and since we know that there's many different types of shooters, with many different preferences when shooting... ranging from hammergrip, pinch grip, thumb support grip or something in between... shooting over the top, through the forks or something else... with elastics ranging from office rubber bands to tubes to precision cut flat bands....

      We don't have a single slingshot that is supposed to fit everybody's style and preference and then makes you conform to it... instead we make many types of slingshots that can be set up in a lot of different configurations. So you can pick one up for the style and size YOU prefer, and straight away you will know it's the most comfortable, most ergonomic slingshot of it's type you've ever held... and with our custom sized on request G10 slingshots, and the already significantly diverse polycarbonate lines, that is exactly what you will get!


"Pocket Predator Ergonomics allow for more comfortable practice and greater stability, leading to better consistency, then much greater accuracy... on and on until you get true match lighting precision!"


      Some shots that show what a Pocket Predator slingshot and a little practice can make you capable of...
      Cutting freehanging playing cards that are blowing in the wind, shooting from great distances and lighting matches just to name a few things in the video!

      We know they're super accurate, but just how powerful is a Pocket Predator slingshot? Check out this slow motion video penetrating over six full cans of soda, cutting cards and lighting a match.
      Certainly silent and deadly enough to take small game up to large rabbit and squirrel size!

      The Pocket Predator design revolution started in early 2010, with a desire to make the most accurate slingshots possible. In doing so, we also developed a lot of innovations that are commonly used as industry standards today... Below we'll list some, but not all, of the numerous developments we are responsible for on the modern slingshot:
    First side shooter specific slingshot designs, like the Jade Dragon, Cowboy, Standard Side Shooter and HTS examples...
    First to add a simple inletted hole to OTT forks so that tubes or flatbands could be used on the same frame....
    First to make and use the Aiming Groove, or "Aim Dimp" as some call it...
    First to make an adjustable sight system like in use on the majority of Chinese target slings today, example TargetShooter proto...
    First to make TTF specific tie on and clamp on forks, like on the Standard Sideshooter, Shrike and Scorpion examples....
    First to make hole inlets to the inside of fork so that looped tube TTF is more easily and better done....
    First to develop the very popular "Top Slots" found on so many Chinese and European slingshots now...
    First to develop the very popular Universal forks that allow any elastic to be used in any configuration and in OTT or TTF...
    First to use and popularize the truly tough and resilient materials such as marine grade HDPE instead of plyboard...
    First to make solid Polycarbonate slingshots, which are virtually indestructable with normal use and abuse...
    First to make a mold within a mold design to allow the manufacture of true organic shaped slingshots with a varying part line...
    First to develop, design and make modular designs with interchangeable forks and or bodies like the SERE and Hammer for example...
    and yet at the same time, since we're open minded, and are the first to incorporate and further develop genius level design innovations from the likes of Roger Henrie and Bill Herriman into more advanced production pieces as well.

In short, design-wise, we've done quite a bit for the industry!
But, that's not the end of the story, it's still going on... material research, new ideas, experimentation, design evolution and enhancement continues...






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