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Surgeon's scalpel precision that hits like a hammer... Pocket Predator slingshots are THE next generation in adult level slingshots.

      Made from space age materials... designed by and with the close personal input of some of the world's best slingshot shooters to have the greatest handling and functionality characteristics possible...
      It is no wonder that Pocket Predator Slingshots, designs, innovations and shooting concepts are favored among the World's most elite shooters.

Click on the pictures above to go to the slingshots we have available right now!

      The power, speed, strength and precision of an adult level Pocket Predator slingshot is unparalleled... and since we know that there's many different types of shooters, with many different preferences when shooting... ranging from hammergrip, pinch grip, thumb support grip or something in between... shooting over the top, through the forks or something else... with elastics ranging from rubber bands to tubes to precision cut flat bands....

      Our goal is NOT to have a single slingshot that fits everybody and makes you conform to it, but instead to have many slingshots in different configurations, so that you can pick one up made for the style you prefer, and straight away know that it's the most comfortable, most ergonomic slingshot of it's type you've ever held... and with our new, SOLID polycarbonate series of slingshots, we've done exactly that!

"Pocket Predator Ergonomics allow for more comfortable practice and greater stability, leading to better consistency, then much greater accuracy... on and on until you get true match lighting precision!"

      Some shots that show what a Pocket Predator slingshot and a little practice can make you capable of...
      Cutting freehanging playing cards that are blowing in the wind, shooting from great distances and lighting matches just to name a few things in the video!

      Extreme accuracy... the hallmark of a great shooter.
An easy test to check your accuracy is to light a match with your weapon... If you can do it from 20 or 30 feet away, you're one of the best shots around.
But what if you can do it from over 100 feet away?
Done and DONE with a Pocket Predator Slingshot

      We know they're super accurate, but just how powerful is a Pocket Predator slingshot? Check out this slow motion video penetrating over six full cans of soda, cutting cards and lighting a match.
      Certainly silent and deadly enough to take small game up to large rabbit and squirrel size!

      We know they're capable of super accuracy, very powerful and capable of doing some serious trickshots... but how about consistency?
  Well how about 18 shots at match tips, only 4 misses... with a light up and snuff out shot at the end!

     With one of these slingshots and some good shooting practices you to may be able to shoot more accurately than most people can with a gun. Be the best you can be and shoot with a Pocket Predator... simply the best all around slingshot money can buy.... With match lighting capable models starting at less than $15 going all the way up to several hundred dollars for the crazy nice customs, we have something to fit every budget, every need and every style of shooter!

Obligatory Warning:

Slingshots and slingshot shooting is dangerous. About the safest thing you can do with a slingshot is to leave it unbanded, store it in your closet, occasionally take it out to admire it and then put it back up.
However, if you do decide to actually use your slingshot then following these numbered rules will help to keep you safer, although there is nothing specified or implied that will guarantee you will be safe even if you do follow these rules...

Rule number one, make sure you're an adult or you are using the slingshot only under close adult supervision. All the same safety rules that are commonly associated with the use of a firearm are applicable.

Rule number two, ALWAYS check your band set, pouch and connections to make sure they are all in perfect working order. If there is even the smallest imperfection change out your band set to one that has no cuts, tears, holes or other problems. Then stress check your attachments to make sure there is no slippage or other undesired movement.

Rule number three, ALWAYS wear safety glasses. Slingshots use rubber and or natural latex compounds... Due to naturally occurring variances, there are NO guarantees either specified or implied about how long a band set will last before failure... no one can tell you how long a band set will last before it breaks... and they ALL fail at some point. SO always be safe, if you're going to shoot with a slingshot, wear safety glasses and always check your band sets and attachments before EVERY shot. If it is not perfect, put a new one on.

Rule number four, NEVER aim your slingshot at someone or something that you do not want killed or destroyed. Slingshots are capable of inflicting serious injury or even death with even the "lightest" of band and ammo setups. Treat slingshots the same way you would treat a loaded gun.

Rule number five, before EVERY shot make sure there is no damage to your slingshot itself. If there is any damage including but not limited to: cracks, dents, scrapes, breaks, or any other signs of damage, DO NOT use the slingshot without thorough testing being done by a competent professional first... and even after testing always use the slingshot in a cautious manner.

Rule number six, you are shooting at your own risk. We already recommended the safest course of action is to keep the slingshot on a shelf in your closet and to never use it... if you do decide to shoot even after we recommend differently... then refer to rules number 1 - 5 as reference for a possible safer way to accomplish that.

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